Are You Telling Stories?

We told a lot of stories this past month but unlike something children would say, they were all true.

There are many ways to tell a story and various platforms to deliver that story. One of the first things we do in strategy is to identify the story.

What makes a story?

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Factoring in the Fall of Bill O’Reilly

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

It’s a blow to conservative media and of course a communication crisis for both Fox News and the talk show host himself.

Can you come back from this crisis?billoreilly

At the very least, Bill O’Reilly owes his long-time loyal followers his side of the story.  Knowing all too well the dynamics of crisis communication, there is most likely a tug of war game going on between lawyers and crisis communication professionals – what to say and what not to say.

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Strategizing with Trump

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

We have all heard the question: If you could go out to lunch with anyone who would it be?

With my own little twist on it, I would want to be asked: If I could have my dream client today, who would it be?

Not for any political reasons but for my love of strategy, there is no president I would want to work for more than President Trump. I have closely watched this tango he has engaged in with the media for years now, and the two have been in a full embrace since he announced his run for the presidency.

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Minding the Media

Do you have a story to tell?

Media relationships are instrumental when securing an interview, but the key is really having a story to tell. The first thing we do with our clients is to identify their stories. Once you know your stories, we then help our clients figure out how to tell them and to whom. There really is not a one-size fits all approach to media messages.

Not all reporters are going to care about the same story. The way you deliver a message to the media may not be the same way you tell your story to other audiences, such as clients or customers.
When we begin media training with our clients, we put our reporter hats on and start asking questions.
Some questions you need to answer:

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Fouts: The PR Point of No Return

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

Although the timing couldn’t have been worse for Warren Mayor James (Jim) Fouts, the issues themselves are reason to resign.

His derogatory comments about African Americans highlighted on a day we honored a man who lead the Civil RightsLogo_warren_michigan_2005 Movement is a crisis itself. But, with a former advisor and private consultant expanding on the audio tapes on local radio show, it further solidifies the call for him to step down.

However, instead of even apologizing, Mayor Fouts balked at his critics.

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Setting New Heights for the New Year!

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

Are you setting new heights as you communicate, collaborate and connect in 2017?

As you set out to communicate your messages, connect with clients or customers and collaborate on projects in 2017, you need to first evaluate what you did in 2016 and check off what worked and what didn’t.

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Victory and Concession: The Candidates Humanly Speaking

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

A surprise presidential outcome ended in two unexpected speeches delivered in ways that we never really saw on the campaign trail.dthc

President-elect Donald Trump accepted the presidency with humility and dignity and Hillary Clinton conceded with strength and grace.

Not the Trump and Clinton we saw much over the last 12 months however, both speeches are exactly how each needed to end this presidential race.

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The Challenge of Moving On After Melania’s Message

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

What would have been deemed a pretty decent speech is now overshadowed by two paragraphs.index

And not only is Melania Trump’s overall message about her husband being ignored, the media doesn’t seem to be talking about anything anyone else said on opening day of the Republican National Convention.

Will her alleged plucking out from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech “trump” the speeches lined up for  tonight?

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Wrong Words and Terrible Typos Can Ruin A Website

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

I was Googling places to have my daughter’s 9th birthday and I came across a fun party place for kids that would entertain more than 20 kids for nearly three hours. I read only a few lines at first.  They would also order the pizza and provide two people to assist me with the party.Blog post2

I had attended a party for my nephew at the same place a few months earlier and was quite impressed with the service. I called them on the phone and planned my daughter’s party. They emailed me a confirmation with a link their website.  If I had started there, my communication would have ended on that page.

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When A Communication Problem Takes The Cake for A Costly Mistake!

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

My husband, daughter and I went to a very popular Michigan-based supermarket to pick up her birthday cake. When we arrived to the bakery, the woman behind the counter handed us over two half sheet cakes almost identical.

“What’s this?” I asked. “I didn’t order two cakes.”Happy Birthday Cake2

“I think one was butter cream and one was frosting; we weren’t sure what you wanted?”

“Why didn’t you call me? Two different women called me yesterday to ask me the same question. Why wouldn’t you call me to ask about the frosting? I did say I wanted butter cream.”

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