When your message gets lost in the divisive delivery

“No one cares what you have to say, if you don’t know how to say it.” I must have heard that phrase a dozen times a month growing up. My father often defended the content of my argument and at the same time criticized my delivery.

President Trump and others need to pay attention.

I don’t always disagree with his message, but it’s hard to overcome the delivery to appreciate the content.

His messages get lost in his divisive delivery.

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Strategizing with Trump

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group

We have all heard the question: If you could go out to lunch with anyone who would it be?

With my own little twist on it, I would want to be asked: If I could have my dream client today, who would it be?

Not for any political reasons but for my love of strategy, there is no president I would want to work for more than President Trump. I have closely watched this tango he has engaged in with the media for years now, and the two have been in a full embrace since he announced his run for the presidency.

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